We’re Just Beginning- Stonecrest Weekly Podcast Premiere (8/2/21)

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
We’re Just Beginning- Stonecrest Weekly Podcast Premiere (8/2/21)

Hey Neighbors!

Welcome to the first episode of Stonecrest Weekly with your neighbors Gazza and Angel. Each episode is filled with information about the city of Stonecrest, Georgia brought to you like only Angel and Gazza can. 

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This episode kicks off with the introduction of your hosts and some basic details about the show which airs every single Monday.

Key Segments for this episode are:

·         How we get our information and where you can get it also. One great resource is www.Stonecrestga.gov

·         Sponsorship opportunities with the podcast. Contact us for more information at info@stonecrestweekly.com

·         Basic Facts about Stonecrest, Ga like demographics, amenities, and city structure

·         The Weather will be shared for the next 7 days based on data from theweatherchannel.com in the city of Lithonia because the City of Stonecrest is not yet recognized as a city on their platform. (Minute Marker 23:54)

·         Hot Topics such as how the chlorine shortage impacted Stonecrest’s aquatic center, new zoning rules for gas stations, and active chatter from the nextdoor app. (26:43)

·         Real Estate is a huge piece of any city’s success. We will provide how many homes are for sale in Stonecrest and the median sale price. We’ll let you interpret what that means to you and add a little bit of our own opinion of what it means to us.(40:15)

·         All city’s have crime and we hate to say that it exists in Stonecrest, but it does. We can’t gloss over the fact that some areas in the city have higher crime rates than we would like. One step to changing that is becoming more aware of it. We plan to share as much information as we can to keep you informed of what’s happening in your city. In this episode we focus on sharing the current crime rate and how we plan to keep you abreast of what’s happening every single week. (44:28)

·         SOUND OFF!!!! This segment is all for our audience. Residents of Stonecrest have the opportunity to express their opinions, ask us questions, celebrate their wins or anything they want to share that is related to the City of Stonecrest. Listen in to hear what your neighbors have to say. (47:15)

·         Audio Drama Time! You may remember old time radio dramas that were full of exciting drama and cliff hangers. Well Angel and Gazza have reimagined the concept and will be including audio dramas at the end of every episode starting with their hit series “The Forgiven” – Bible scandals retold in a more modern setting focusing on forgiveness in a cancel culture. This episode kicks off with the first installment of David and Bathsheba entitled “The Murdering Cheat”. We think you’ll enjoy it. After the completion of the Forgiven we will be introducing Stonecrest’s very own audio drama based on a young couple living in the city. (48:44)

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