Uncensored with Mayor Jason Lary of Stonecrest, Ga- PART 1

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
Uncensored with Mayor Jason Lary of Stonecrest, Ga- PART 1

We are excited to share our raw and uncut interview with Mayor Jason Lary of The City of Stonecrest. We had a candid conversation around many topics including his perspective on resignation, his attempted recall, why Stonecrest is important, and why he started The City.

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Mayor Jason Lary Bio
Jason Lary, Sr. was elected as Stonecrest, Georgia’s first mayor on March 21, 2017. Since taking office on May 1, 2017, Mayor Lary has led the efforts to staff the city and secure a location for the first city hall. Through a partnership with CH2M, a worldwide consulting firm, Mayor Lary is serving the citizens of Stonecrest by staffing professionals in code enforcement, planning and zoning, parks and recreation, communications, city management and administrative services. During his first few months in office, Mayor Lary also hired a team of staff attorneys, set up short-term financing to address the city’s cash flow needs and led the effort to begin adopting ordinances that will improve the quality of life for Stonecrest residents. 

In September 2017, Mayor Lary took the first steps toward implementing the city’s Economic Development Department. One month later, he began efforts to lure major corporations such as Amazon, a company set to open a second, multi-billion-dollar headquarters. Mayor Lary crafted an idea to develop a corporate brand for Amazon by eponymously naming the 345 acres to be occupied by the retail giant. The mayor’s efforts will continue as he targets companies like Apple, Micro Center, and Costco.

Civic Initiatives
Before Mayor Lary became actively engaged in cityhood initiatives, he was a 2012 graduate of Leadership DeKalb, a prestigious organization designed to advance emerging leaders throughout the county. This organization helps leaders identify ways to improve the quality of life of DeKalb County residents and businesses. Mayor Lary's cityhood experience includes serving as the founder and president of the Stonecrest City Alliance in 2013, and the chairman of Stonecrest Yes from 2015 to 2017. He raised more than $50,000 from individuals, small businesses and corporations to conduct two Carl Vinson Institute studies. A successful CVI study was required by the Georgia General Assembly before the City of Stonecrest, Senate Bill 208, could be allowed on the ballot. The 2013 study failed, and in 2015 the study passed. Mayor Lary is universally recognized as the architect and founding father of the Stonecrest Cityhood movement. 

To read more about the Mayor’s career and family visit: https://www.stonecrestga.gov/JasonLary.aspx

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