Third Time’s a Charm- August 16th, 2021 (Episode 3)

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
Third Time's a Charm- August 16th, 2021 (Episode 3)

Hey Neighbors!

Angel and Gazza back again!!!

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Thank you all for listening last week. Your support helped us reach number 177 on the News Commentary Podcast Chart! 

We also picked a Sound Off of the week about POTHOLES and responded with our very colorful opinions. 

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Hot Topics!!! (10:27)         

·        Shooting at Lithonia High

·        Mayor Jason Lary has returned

·        New Black Wall Street Market Opening Date

·        Grocery Shopping in Stonecrest

·        Elections

·        Lisa Young

·        Seaquest @ Stonecrest 

SOUND OFF! (32:13)

·        Stonecrest! Listen in to hear what your neighbors have to say. Or NOT! Send in a one minute (or less) audio message to the podcast. You can speak on whatever you’d like, as long as it is profanity free and not promoting a Stonecrest Weekly non-sponsored business.


·        You may remember old time radio dramas that were full of exciting drama and cliff hangers. Well Angel and Gazza have reimagined the concept and will be including audio dramas at the end of every episode starting with their hit series “The Forgiven” – Bible scandals retold in a more modern setting focusing on forgiveness in a cancel culture. Listen to the third installment of David and Bathsheba entitled “The Murdering Cheat”. We think you’ll enjoy it. After the completion of the Forgiven we will be introducing Stonecrest’s very own audio drama based on a young couple living in the city.  

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