Take Two- August 9th, 2021 (Episode 2)

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
Take Two- August 9th, 2021 (Episode 2)

Hey Neighbors!

You guys seemed to like episode 1 so we are back again. This week Angel and Gazza come with the same great energy bringing you the information you want to know.

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Thank you all for listening last week. Your support helped us reach number 207 on the News Commentary Podcast Chart! 

We also picked a Sound Off of the week and responded with our very colorful opinions. 

Key Segments for this episode are: 

·         Sponsorship opportunities with the podcast. Contact us for more information at info@stonecrestweekly.com

·         We cancelled the weather!!! (Minute Marker 11:43)

·         Hot Topics cover opposition to new housing developments, what happened at the recent planning and zoning committee meeting, terrible pothole issues, the upcoming elections and more. (14:18)

·         Code Violations are easy to submit in Stonecrest and we breakdown how many there are in each Stonecrest District. (34:22)

·         Real Estate Segment touches on the number of homes for sale, median sale price, homes for rent, and foreclosures, along with comparisons from the Real Estate numbers last week. (39:01)

·         All city’s have crime and we hate to say that it exists in Stonecrest, but it does. One step to changing that is becoming more aware of it. We plan to share as much information as we can to keep you informed of what’s happening in your city. This week crime seems to take a dip but violent crime looks to be on the rise. Very Interesting!!! (47:22)

·         SOUND OFF!!!! Residents of Stonecrest have the opportunity to express their opinions, ask us questions, celebrate their wins or anything they want to share that is related to the City of Stonecrest. Listen in to hear what your neighbors have to say. (55:46)

·         Audio Drama Time! “The Forgiven” – Bible scandals retold in a more modern setting focusing on forgiveness in a cancel culture. This episode kicks off with the first installment of David and Bathsheba entitled “The Murdering Cheat”. We think you’ll enjoy it. (56:58) 

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