One Month In!!!- August 23rd, 2021 (Episode 4)

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
One Month In!!!- August 23rd, 2021 (Episode 4)

Hey Neighbors!

A whole four weeks in!! We have made it to a month (theoretically)! Thank you for making us the premiere podcast in Stonecrest, Ga!

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Let’s get into it!!!!

Hot Topics: (Minute Marker- 10:00)

·         City Council Election Qualifications

·         Early Voting Window

·         Stonecrest Mall was acquired back in March.

·         Police Activity at one of the plaza’s near Stonecrest Mall

·         Duke Reality withdraws it’s bid to develop a warehouse on Lithonia Industrial Blvd.

·         New Black Wall Street Market Update

SOUND OFF!!!! (32:35)
This segment is all for our audience. Residents of Stonecrest have the opportunity to express their opinions, ask us questions, celebrate their wins or anything they want to share that is related to the City of Stonecrest. Listen in to hear what your neighbors have to say.

Audio Drama Time! (34:04)
You may remember old time radio dramas that were full of exciting drama and cliff hangers. Well Angel and Gazza have reimagined the concept and have included audio dramas at the end of every episode starting with their hit series “The Forgiven” – Bible scandals retold in a more modern setting focusing on forgiveness in a cancel culture. Listen to previous episodes to hear the story from  the beginning. Audio Dramas are always towards the end of the episode. After the completion of the Forgiven we will be introducing Stonecrest’s very own audio drama based on a young couple living in the city.

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Catch you next week! Bye Neighbors.

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