Ms. Dele Lowman- Mayoral Candidate Stonecrest, Ga

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
Ms. Dele Lowman- Mayoral Candidate Stonecrest, Ga

Thank you for tuning in to our election series. We are pleased to have brought you all five mayoral candidates. Please make sure you listen to each candidate's episode to ensure you can #voteintheknow !

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Dele Lowman

Dele (pronounced DAY-lay) is the daughter and granddaughter of civil rights and community leaders and has been serving and leading in Stonecrest and DeKalb for nearly 10 years. As a local government executive, past board chair, professional facilitator, and activist, Dele believes government should be responsive to citizens, transparent and ethical in its practices, and innovative and efficient in program and service delivery.

Dele is a proven leader who has demonstrated her ability to set a vision, make transformational change, and raise the profile of the organizations she leads. She cares about the Stonecrest community and has the experience, credibility, work ethic, and vision to lead our city.

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