Mr. Bernard Smith – Mayoral Candidate Stonecrest, Ga

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
Mr. Bernard Smith - Mayoral Candidate Stonecrest, Ga

Thank you for tuning in to our election series. We are pleased to have brought you all five mayoral candidates. Please make sure you listen to each candidate's episode to ensure you can #voteintheknow !

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Bernard Smith


I'm from Greenville, SC. I'm the son of Bernard & Sharon Smith, the wisest folks I know. I have a big little sister named Cassandra who has the cutest dog named Cooper. I was fascinated by Martin Luther King as a child so it was only fitting that I graduated from Morehouse College. There I met my beautiful wife Shun on the library steps and we married on 07/07/07- God's day of completion. We now have 3 little boys, Elijah, Emmanuel, and Ezra. Being there dad is my life and everything I do I do for Shun and the boys. I tell them we groom leaders in this house.


My background is in marketing. I received my bachelor's degree from Morehouse in Marketing. I dabbled in marketing and advertising for a while, but most of my work was done in the financial banking industry. After my firstborn child, Elijah was in a terrible car accident that left him in a coma for about four months, I never went back to work. He is the soul of our family. He now suffers from Cerebral Palsy. 

After Elijah came home, I started having my visions and started The Wise Men Group, and although it didn't pay anything it kept me busy. I day trade for a living and work as a consultant for GM. What started as a hobby, I'm also a professional photographer. I own You can go there to check out my art or read about my son's story at 

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