It Wasn’t Me

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
It Wasn’t Me

Joseph is hired help at Mr. Potiphar's home where he has quickly risen to success. He is in charge of almost everything. But Joseph's authority didn't last as long as he'd hoped because Mr. Potiphar's wife, Cleo, had other plans.

Genesis 39 (All Bible Scriptures will be read independently on a bonus episode available every Tuesday, following the audio drama episodes)

Joseph played by Bomani X

Mrs. Potiphar played by Gigi Green

Hasan played by Dave Tolliver

Jess played by Vanetta Schoefield

Mr. Potiphar played by Jordan Barosy

Prisoner played by George Coleman

Intro Instrumental by : Genius Art (Kalvin Hobbs)
Instagram: Kalvin Hobbs (@officialgeniusart) • Instagram photos and videos



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