Candidate Ryan Gallagher – District 5- CITY COUNCIL ELECTION SERIES

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
Candidate Ryan Gallagher - District 5- CITY COUNCIL ELECTION SERIES

Tune in to hear each candidate answer 10 questions in relationship their view on the City of Stonecrest. Each candidate will answer the same 10 questions, giving you a clear perspective of each candidate without any outside influence.

Today’s episode features for Candidate Ryan Gallagher for District 5.

Greetings my name is Ryan Gallagher I am an entrepreneur and a recent two time college graduate with aspirations of becoming a lawyer in the near future.  I have been a resident of Dekalb county, specifically lithonia for over 22 years and I absolutely love my community and I want to see it prosper. I attended Arabia Mountain High school where I was blessed to receive the opportunity of not only obtaining my High School diploma but also an Associates degree in Network Administration. Obtaining a specialized skill and degree at an early age helped me learn the importance of education. 

I continued my studies at the world renowned historically black college Texas Southern University where I majored in Political Science with a dual minor in Spanish and computer science. There I would learn about the building blocks of government and what it means to come together as a society to promote the greater good. Politics has always been a passion of mine as well as helping the community to be the best they can be. Words can not express how happy I am to potentially be in a situation where I can impact and help others that I would not have been able to reach before. 

If I were so fortunate to be elected as a Stonecrest City councilmen I swear to uphold the laws of our city charter and constitution. I want to promote new business moving inside the city to generate more revenue and stimulate growth inside our economy. I will support our local schools and hope to generate new youth programs to enrich our residences' lives.  I will work to ensure that our local government has positive effects on our quality of life and is transparent with the citizens of stonecrest. With your help I hope to make Stonecrest the greatest city in America!



Ryan Gallagher


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