Candidate Herbert Woods- District 3- CITY COUNCIL ELECTION SERIES

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
Candidate Herbert Woods- District 3- CITY COUNCIL ELECTION SERIES

Tune in to hear each candidate answer 10 questions in relationship their view on the City of Stonecrest. Each candidate will answer the same 10 questions, giving you a clear perspective of each candidate without any outside influence.

Today’s episode features for Candidate Herbert Woods  District 3.

My name is Herbert Woods I moved to Atlanta in July of 2014 bought a home in Stonecrest District 3 in October of 2018. My mother has lived here for 40 years she is 92 years old with my stepfather. I have a son and daughter who live here in Atlanta, 2 grandchildren – 5 and 14 and two granddogs.
I was born in Chicago Ill., and was raised in a small town called Morgan Park. This was a very unique town and was my vision of a small black community were you had everything there that you needed in a small city. I will explain, the Savings and Loan Bank owned by a black man, Grocery Store owned by a black family, Music Shop owned by black family, Currency Exchange owned by black man, Gas Service Stations owned by black families and
I can go on and on. It was a clean community were you had at least 3 economical group of people living in the same community. My Dad had a business in this community my mother was a Crossing Guard went back to school to become a teacher. This is were I get my drive from never give up.

7 years
Rich TWP High School
Educational Support Personal Union President

3 years
Illinois National Educational Association
Educational Support Personal State Board

35 Years Rich TWP School District Retired Buildings and Grounds

Superior Building Maintenance Service
I specialized in commercal jaintoral cleaning

Arts & Signs
Specialized in vinyl work for banners,window letter, light box, magnetic signs etc.

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