Candidate Dr. Barbara Hall- District 5 – CITY COUNCIL ELECTION SERIES

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
Candidate Dr. Barbara Hall- District 5 - CITY COUNCIL ELECTION SERIES

Tune in to hear each candidate answer 10 questions in relationship their view on the City of Stonecrest. Each candidate will answer the same 10 questions, giving you a clear perspective of each candidate without any outside influence.

Today’s episode features for Candidate Dr. Barbara Hall for District 5.

Dr. Barbara Hall
Serves as an Elder at New Birth BMC. Living in the Stonecrest area for 14 years. Retired From Fresno Police Department in Californiaafter 35 years in Law Enforcement. 44 years of marriage with two adult children and one grandson.  

Received Master’s in Public Administrationfrom Golden Gate Univ. San Francisco,  Doctor of Ministry. Masters and Bachelor’s in Theology from Life Christian Univ. Florida 

Author:  “Forever Forgiven”

Dean of Admissions – Living Waters Bible Seminary

Community – HOA treasure, organized National Night out assisted

with outreach efforts  Been involved in the city from planning stages including Councilmeeting, Planning Commission & other city events.


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