Candidate Alecia Washington- District 3- CITY COUNCIL ELECTION SERIES

The Stonecrest Podcast
The Stonecrest Podcast
Candidate Alecia Washington- District 3- CITY COUNCIL ELECTION SERIES

Tune in to hear each candidate answer 10 questions in relationship their view on the City of Stonecrest. Each candidate will answer the same 10 questions, giving you a clear perspective of each candidate without any outside influence.

Today’s episode features Candidate Alecia Washington of District 3.


Alecia Washington is known for her unselfishness and devotion as a community servant and community leaderfor the past 15+ years in the City of Stonecrest and surrounding areas. Washington has been called the ‘Mother of The Neighborhood’. Neighbors call what Washington does as simply ‘good work’. She serves a diverse group of residents – young, old; black, brown, white; male and female. Residents are unbelievably moved and humbled at the incredible generosity and heart Alecia shows through her community outreach programs. Programs include: providing food, clothing & shelter; living wage employment, child enrichment and economic development. She has counseled, mentored & volunteered. She works hard, is compassionate and has her finger on the pulse of what the people want.


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