Interview with Progress in Stonecrest

We kept you waiting long enough. (Due to technical difficulties) We were delayed in sharing our exclusive interview with the Committee for Progress in Stonecrest.
We were able to sit down with @nbwsmarket and discuss their support for Progress in Stonecrest.
Some key points were
• Which candidates they support and why?
•Were they behind the nefarious mail flyers?
•What is Progress in Stonecrest?
• PLUS Several questions from residents of the City of Stonecrest
Make sure to stay tuned and watch until the end to hear everything that was said.
Friendly Reminder: STONECREST WEEKLY IS A NEUTRAL COMMUNITY BASED PODCAST; NOT A POLITICAL ORGANIZATION THAT ENDORSES ANY ENTITY OR INDIVIDUAL. We are a platform for residents to learn about their city and hear from those who are making an impact whether they align with them or not.

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