Alecia Washington- District 3 City Council Candidate Stonecrest Ga 10/24/22

Hello Neighbors- Especially in District 3!!!

We are back with City Council Candidate interviews. Please read below to learn more about the candidate and where to find them.

Alecia Washington Bio:
Alecia Washington is known for her devotion as a community servant leader for the past 15+ years in the City of Stonecrest and surrounding areas. She serves a diverse group of residents – young, old; black, brown, white; male & female. Residents are unbelievably moved and humbled at the incredible generosity and heart Alecia shows through her community outreach programs. She and her team has provided food, clothing, resources, supplies and transitional housing for those in need in Stonecrest. She has counseled, mentored & volunteered. She works hard, is compassionate and has her finger on the pulse of what the people want.

“Already working for you!”

Contact Alecia Washington:

Facebook: @aleciaforstonecrest

Twitter: @AleciaForDist3

Campaign Office: 2975 Evans Mill Road | Stonecrest GA 30038

Phone: 678.242.9799

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