FREE – City of Stonecrest Household Hazardous Waste-Free Drop Off Event

Event details

  • Saturday | August 7, 2021
  • 10:00 am
  • Old Sam's Club 2994 Turner Hill Road Stonecrest, GA 30038
  • 470.521.0738

About this event

The Household Hazardous Waste-Free Drop Off Event has a simple mission of reducing harmful household chemicals that are too toxic to trash.

In light of the high visibility of the event, excellent access to the event locations, and the publicity anticipated for the event, the plan is for staffing and capacity for accepting between 150-200 cars at our location with a limitation of 50 lbs. per car. Participation in the event will be limited to the City of Stonecrest residents (identification may be requested). The Program Goal is to provide the following:

1. Provide safe and convenient household hazardous waste material management services to area residents.

2. Increase participation in Household Hazards collections through education, outreach, and superior customer service.

3. Provide information about the safe use and handling of hazardous household products.

4. Provide cost-effective management of Household Hazards waste by maximizing reuse and recycling.

5. Promote source reduction of Household Hazard Waste.

For more information contact: Brandon Riley.