Game Night for Stonecrest Basketball! Keep Reading!

Event details

  • Saturday | January 8, 2022
  • 8:00 pm

Georgia Kangaroos are a professional basketball team now part of the new United States Basketball Network (USBN).  USBN is a network dedicated to professional basketball teams and players who are not part of the NBA.  USBN produces events and tournaments.

The USBN has chosen Georgia Kangaroos as their first game to be Televised and with the USBN’s media rights agreements, this game very likely will be aired on the Black News Channel (BNC) live Saturday, January, 8th at 8 PM from Miller Grove High School.  “Live from the City of Stonecrest, Georgia Kangaroos host Georgia Spartans”, will be announced Nationwide.  Princell Hair, CEO and President of BNC will be attending.  Kevin Brown, NBA agent will also be attending.  Top sports commentators, Tim Scarborough and Nick Pierce will be live doing pay-by-pay.  Historical event and creating future possibilities even bigger.

Ordering Tickets online easy by going to and clicking on the Opening Night game.