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City of Stonecrest enters into Contract with Acme Auto Leasing in preparation of the Transition of Services from Jacobs Engineering.

City of Stonecrest enters into contract with Acme Auto Leasing in preparation of the transition of services from Jacobs Engineering.

City Council Meeting from 8/23

YouTube: Official City of Stonecrest – Minute Markers below!

Council Meeting Highlights:

1:44:00 MM – The City of Stonecrest is in process of transitioning services from Jacob’s Engineering and is entering into a contract with Acme Auto Leasing which is a state of Georgia approved vendor for auto leasing.

Because of nationwide demand, the City needs to place a purchase order immediately to get the vehicles in prior to December 31st. The anticipated expense is $85, 800.60 ( annual contract amount) that will be included in FY2 2022 budget. Maintenance included in monlthy lease payments

The purchase would be for 3 Chevy Silverado’s and 12 Chevy Traverses.

1:46:40 MM – The Mayor requested from council that an additional amount for another vehicle be added to the proposal whether it be a Chevy Tahoe or Suburban that would be used for Economic Development and more specifically the Mayor’s office for Community and Cultural Affairs.

The Mayor also said that with the steady rate of growth and how we entertain, do tours, and bring folks to town that using their own personal vehicles and vehicles of our partners is unprofessional and is the reason why another vehicle was slotted for those other departments. The Mayor also mentioned It is very essential that an SUV is adding to the proposal no matter who’s in office.

2:54:14 MM – The Mayor reiterated the importance of a SUV and suggested for the council to put back the departments that are vital to our existence such as Economic Development , Business Development, Culture and Community Affairs and beefing up Communications.

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