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Asbury Automotive Group Requested that Stonecrest Lifts Prohibition on Automobile and Truck Dealership in Stonecrest

City Council Meeting 8/23 Highlight – Minute Marker 1:03:09 for Stonecrest YouTube Channel “Official City of Stonecrest”

YouTube: The Official City of Stonecrest

The Ask: Applicant Asbury Automotive Group requested that Stonecrest consider lifting prohibition on automobile and truck dealership in Stonecrest overlay in tiers 1 & 2 to expand their operation.

The Result: Motion approved that Automobile or trucks sales lots associated with a single dealership shall be on no less than 5 acres in total.

The goal: To maintain the aesthetics and quality of the thoroughfare and to deter smaller dealerships and give the larger dealerships the space they need to have automobile services.

My Opinion: Just think, dealerships at a gas station. Is it really a dealership? 🤔
You got the Minute Marker so go check it out! Hopefully, this helps since these meetings are sometimes up to three hours long!!!

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