The Stonecrest Podcast is a community based podcast which focuses on the city of Stonecrest, Georgia. It is our mission to centralize some key statistics about the city to keep you informed in a way that’s relevant to you.

Each week we will provide the information you want to hear in one of the easiest platforms— via podcast.

We want to see Stonecrest succeed and one way to ensure this is through educating ourselves about what’s going on in the city. You may not have the time to Google or attend city council meetings but you can listen to The Stonecrest Podcast anytime and anywhere.

We do not consider ourselves a news/media platform because we are looking to share trends and impactful changes; and not sensationalize one off occurrences or terrible circumstances. We will deliver what is deemed relevant but don’t expect us to dwell on the negative. 

Ultimately we want you to learn about your city and have fun while doing it. Listen to us every Monday (or whatever day works best for you) to get educated and entertained.


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